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November 30, 2021 22:49 Mikey Standard Time

🕪 KAPPY KONFESSIONS 🕪 "William is a cancer" ... 🕪 *NEW* "Ramtha cult embraces Q loons" ... 🕪 *NEW* Full test Mueller speech May 29

Laura Loomer freaks on Infowars! Stellar acting and screaming. Hilarious and sad video XL mix

HAIL! 🌹 Haptic sex robots 🕪 Rick Wilson bon mots 🕪 Assange-Trump ☠ Trump LOVES Wikileaks 🎥 Promo Bastards 🎥 Sather Hacks Jack ⚑ Caucus Countdown 👁 MARIO Night 👁 Forgotten Grifts, TI song *NEW* 🎥 @Unicole1975!

I came across YouTube debunker Michael Thompson over a year ago, and became a fan instantly -- mostly because of Mikey's unrelenting assault on stupidity and grifting; I thought to myself: "How can I help promote his channel?" These fan pages are the result.

Please check out and follow Psychic Vampire Podcast special guest Scientist Mel.


On this page you can view the live Youtube broadcast as it happens -- and you can also add your chat-comments as it happens'

I could use some help in getting blurbs together for the GRIFTER OVERFLOW. To that end, I have opened up the 24-hour SUPERCHAT.

Lastly, I would like to thank Laura Catherine, who really helped fill in the blanks about the graceless huckster Melinda Lyons ...

Internal affairs: Mikey as Jesus video nostalgia | Video excerpts, including the haggard Tracy Jo. | Promo Retweet Fun: Must-read Tweet of the Week | Trump Is Fucked

100% US Politix: We trash Ivanka and other Trumpist shitheels

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Tonight we delve deeper into the non-mystery of the crank-magnets associated with Timothy Holmseth. A collection of loonies, frauds, cons and assorted 'they might even believe their own shit' actors. Featuring Danny Lee's Demon-etizing, Kirk P's witless baloney, threats leading to loss of phone privileges for jailbird Field McConnell. Great reporting from the Karens!

WARNING: Sometimes topics can run faster than my full attention. Parallel lines of discussion can be going on in chat while the live show is not taking notice. Celebrate the new technical solutions ... and wish me luck in a new foray into PHP+MySQL, now that I have instantiated the Headline Scroll ...


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Video Studies -- Jordan Sather

Partial preserved live chat thread box from the April 17th broadcast is just too big to paste in here.

Coddling the Gulled ...

Travis View and Q ... today

Vegas Love Vampire Shorts

A distillation and sampling of one of the best shows on the block. "Special Tastes" growth industry. Magick!

Wicked pleasures in smaller doses

Poster 9 -- Krista Raisa sings a song to Magick!

MARIO WEEPS! (7 minutes)

Thanks to Reamce, for the encouragement.

This one will make you love and yet hate young rehab addict Mario Brisson, the weeping saint slash slut.

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New peekaboo section. -- with awful examples contributed by Magick fans and friends of the shows.

Featured: arrests of border militia leader.

Travis digs up corpses of reason | SATHER INSANE? | Notre Dame fire fuckheads | Michael Tracey Etc: BELLIGERENCE AND HYSTERIA | Rothschild:: The Scam will Never End | Joe M: Keerazy about RBG & Q | Mordant Q comment: by @Eryq | FEATURED Tweet

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Poker and Politics
Jordan Sather mush

Jordan Sather's Awful Epistemology Part 2. These are the worst of his tweets in the last five days: show the list

Grifter Round-up

🍌 Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor's Youtube channel: LINK

This guy believes he is a prophet, and that God has special plans for Trump (and the dead JFK Jr). Ultra-twattage. Seems to want a fascist dictatorship.

🍌 'The' Alien Contactee

Grifters's Youtube channel: (TheAlienContactee) LINK

Guy has a very productive Garage Studio for his complicated fairy-tales about Marduk and the Evil Aliens he battles every fucking day.

🎭 Vigilant Christian -- Mario Brisson

Grifters's Youtube channel: (Vigilant Vlog) LINK

This guy needs money from his marks so he can go back to rehab of some kind. Let's hope they cannot "Prey The Gey Awey" and that Mario comes to love himself as a sexually-active gay person. In the meantime, he is looking pretty weepy and haggard:

🏥 🍌 Lori Rahamachiach

Grifters's Youtube channel: (Lori RAHAMACHIACH) LINK

Lori is most likely a fallen Lousiana Romany lady, as her bizarre burning ceremonies seem like voodoo+. She is known most for her unconvincing glossolalia.

Here is an example of her lighting fires in frying pans and babbling. Must-See!

🍌 Krista Raisa

Grifters's Youtube channel: (Krista Raisa) LINK

Poor Krista. She is too sloppy to come up with a script, so her 'channeling' of extra-dimensional/terrestrials is often clunky, dull, and unconvincing. The picture is her pretending to snap into a trance. She is supposedly 'reporting' on the Orion Council, whatever the fuck that is ...

 🎭 🍌 Tracy Jo Remington "@PantherEyez7"

Grifters's Periscope channel: (@PantherEyez7) LINK

Yes, Tracy Jo. Where to start? That she apparently believes the Clintons are in cahoots with McDonalds, to put BABIES IN THE HAMBURGERS! If you find it wildly implausible that she actually believes that, you haven't watched enough Magick videos.

🍌 Destroy the Illusion (Jordan Sather)

Grifters's Youtube channel: (Destroy The Illusion) LINK

Is there anything woo-woo that Jordan Sather does not believe? Actually, yes -- he takes exception to Flat-Earthers. Electric Sun, check. Blue Avians, check. Deep State in control of everything but QAnon, check. We will return to this ferocious grifter and accuser. He just loves to talk about "attacks," even while he has doxxed good old Joe From The Carolinas. Grrrrr.

🍌 E A Koetting

Grifters's Youtube channel: (E. A. Koetting) LINK

Guyliner, a studio in a garage, a guy who can get between you and the daemons? What's not to like? The guy actually has a product, books, and so on, but I do hope he gets some decorating help, if not a personal makeover.

Omni takes down Sather without prejudice

Sather is crass, uncool, unsmart, and deserving the smackdown he gets in this short video

Added lines from the CC file. Slashing!

Myles Powers delivers an effective counter to MMS propaganda and hucksterism, reporting on phony 'clinical research.' Start here (from MMS and the Fake Clinical Trials - #1 - Introduction to MMS):

Roseanne gets hammered, not "Loomered"

Two once-talented harridans meet and match up almost perfectly in casual bigotry. Magick figures Loomer is functionally a stochastic terrorist.

A taste of Jordan Sather's ludic origin myth. 2:10 -- "I was a gifted child ..."

Tweets from the good guys.

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Who Are You? Which Role Do You Play? Archetype List | Wiki

The Archetypes

The first part of the book describes eight major character archetypes in detail.[6] Those are:

  1. Hero: someone who is willing to sacrifice his own needs on behalf of others
  2. Mentor: all the characters who teach and protect heroes and give them gifts
  3. Threshold Guardian: a menacing face to the hero, but if understood, they can be overcome
  4. Herald: a force that brings a new challenge to the hero
  5. Shapeshifter: characters who change constantly from the hero's point of view
  6. Shadow: character who represents the energy of the dark side
  7. Ally: someone who travels with the hero through the journey, serving variety of functions
  8. Trickster: embodies the energies of mischief and desire for change

Mario and the Gey ...

Last week's great show, cued to TI freek Robert Duncan:

Fun chat --

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Tracy Jo Gets Scorn, and looks like hell

The haggard madam posterized


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